About Apos

Apos is an innovative therapy for the treatment of joint and lower back problems, developed by co-founders, Dr Avi Elbaz MD and Dr Amit Mor MD, following a decade of research and development.

AposTherapy in Singapore

The Singapore AposTherapy Centre is located at the Camden Medical Centre. At the AposTherapy Centre, you will undergo a complete clinical examination, including a computerised gait laboratory test and personal evaluation, receive your personalised calibrated Apos System, and return for your follow-up consultations to monitor your progress. At all times you will be treated by qualified physiotherapists, trained and certified in AposTherapy. The Apos team’s aim is to assist you to reduce pain and improve function. Be yourself again.

Apos in association with Bupa

In 2008, Apos and Bupa partnered to expand AposTherapy in the United Kingdom. AposTherapy is now available at various Bupa operated wellness centres in the United Kingdom. Bupa is one of the world’s premier medical and healthcare groups, providing health insurance and health care services to millions of patients around the world. See www.bupa.com

Apos International

Apos has operated dedicated AposTherapy Centres since 2004, and has now treated over 15,000 patients. Apos is expanding rapidly into international markets. To contact Apos International, please email: info@apostreatment.co.uk